Speaking of Prayer a Request.

Part of my problems with Laodicea, and part of living there, is Church/Worship. Basically I believe that all the praise music , and attempts to curry favor within our current culture is wrong. I believe the need to worship in spirit and in truth, and to approach worship with reverence that our Lord God deserves, and demands. The church my wife and I belong to has been creeping more and more away from reverence, and more towards banal songs and sort of an indifference to what we are doing as a church. If we sing hymns now a days , the music is so changed that it is either different, or might as well be. If we have special music during the offertory, it sounds more like an outake session from American Idol than something worshipful. I’m am praying about what to do, but I also ask that anyone reading this blog to pray for my family as well. What brings it up now is our Church has announced that they will be ditching evening services at least half the time in favor of “small groups”

Now don’t get me wrong here, I have nothing against the concept of small groups, in fact I love the idea of a group of people having a small group Bible study during the week.  A small group in that scenario is not only a good way to reset your mind on God during the week, but it is a great opportunity for encouraging yourself and other Christians. Alas this is not what my local elders have in mind, it is not to add to worship services, no sir, it is instead to replace worship services half of the time.

Small groups should not replace Worship, but should instead augment worship.

Now in a larger population, I could just easily look for a Church with a higher opinion of worship, alas I live in Northwest Arkansas, and there isn’t exactly a lot of options, honestly I’m not sure there are any other options. The closest church doctrinally is about 30 minutes away and it too has the same if not more low view of worship.

So pray for me, as I pray about this. It is a burden on my heart. And pray for my Church that it should seek again to find a true heart for worshiping God and not ourselves.



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