Logos 4.0 compared with Accordance

An interesting discussion is going on over at the Logos forums:


Below is my contribution to the discussion. I plan to have a detailed review available soon for Logos 4 the Mac version.

Allow me a moment to give a little background, I’m a PK who grew up loving to read, and while the Lord has not, as yet, called me to the pastorate, I have audited the odd seminary class hear and there when I was near a seminary. So basically I’m possibly a different perspective altogether. It would be a tad disingenuous to call me a true laymen, but at the same time I’m not relying on either Accordance or Logos to assist in my profession.

I also must confess I’m in the Software industry, though not affiliated with either product discussed here.

I own both Accordance and Logos. I was a big fan of Logos, before I switched platforms from PC to Mac. So 2.5 years ago I was one of the ones beta’ing the first librionix beta. I disliked the instability of it, and , to tell the truth, disliked the fact that some of the best parts of Logos was itself missing. So I went looking for another Bible software package. I eventually came across Accordance, and liked it far better that my other options. I should note that I briefly entertained the idea of VMWARE fusion + XP + Logos, but eventually passed on that since the only valid XP license I had available was from work, and thus meant that should I ever leave work I would need to find that Bible software process again.

So I’ve used Accordance for about 2 Years. Coming back to Logos with Logos 4 as soon as I became aware of it.  I will likely soon dump Accordance altogether. There are two key reasons for this :

  1. Ease of Use/Ergonomics. (Including comany website)
  2. Choice of additional titles to the Library.
  3. Mobile apps.

I’ll explain each below:

First, the “Ease of Use/Ergonomic” aspect. In two years I’ve never really had much luck with setting up devotionals in Accordance, in Logos it’s child’s play. If I want to do searches beyond just “words” and “verses” in Accordance it’s a chore, in Logos its a Breeze. Now don’t get me wrong, Accordance allows you a lot of flexibility and their concept of workspaces is pretty nice, if all you are really do is a Bible study, but you can do the same in Logos, and for me it is just a simpler to use interface. I included the company website as part of this because I cannot divorce the product from the company website, especially since both companies provide additional books/titles/products/support through that website. Right now If I search for “Martin Luther” on the Logos website, I get a very professional looking output with a very easy way to identify what are products from logos, and how much they cost. On the Accordance website it’s generated visa vie a googles search and is pure text. Like so many things in Accordance the website ultimately does the same thing Logos does, only it requires a lot more manual work on my part to parse the information.

Point 2 is the choice of additional titles. And here it’s a no contest. If you happen to be someone who is of the Reformed faith within the Church, well Logos has material avaible that Accordance doesn’t have, or once again Accordance’s website has let it down. Go do a search on A. A. Hodge, R. L. Dabney, James Henley Thornwell, or any number of presbyterian Theologians. On the Accordance website absolutely zero shows up. On Logos, they are already there or on the way, in fact the Scholar’s Edition includes Cornelius Van Til in it’s package.

FInally, the Mobile apps. I have access to my entire library through Logos apps for my iPhone and iPad (and yes I have both). Accordance is promising something in the future, but so far I don’t have anything I could use.

If the libraries you need/want are available on both products, and the mobil aspect doesn’t appeal then ultimately I do believe it is very much a “nikon versus canon” type of  argument, as both a very useful powerful tools. However for me, the mobile apps and the extensive library of reformed theologians makes it a no brainer now that Logos has a mac native product.



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