So I do plan to post more here. And as with most blogs, you should always presume the primary person you are writing to is yourself. Not because other people might not read, but to presume other people are truly interested in what you say is a bit presumptuous. Back to the title of today’s post though. I believe the irony lies in the title of my blog and the fact that it has so little content to it. I struggle very much with my daily reading, in part because I can always come up with one excuse or another, but ultimately it is a struggle with sin in which I often lose. Perhaps irony is ont the right term but poetic. 

In any case I plan to change that. I have now taken some steps to help with that at least for now, in that I have gotten a keyboard for my iPad. As goofy as it sounds, and its tons of tech around me, I really get much better Bible Reading and Bible study from the iPad. I think it is the more personal feel, or the fact it seems a lot more like having a Bible open, and writing on the side. Something about looking at a large 27 inch ore better monitor I just don’t get.

It is also that time of year to look at the Logos Upgrade. Logos 7 is now out, and I am looking at my upgrade options. For once in what seems like forever I don’t feel like they are making the upgrade exceptionally expensive.
In any Case I will be trying to keep up with an actual bible study, as well as a discussion of tech and such on this site. 
Yours in Christ,


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